Backup CloudApps Project Files ( Current Working )

To backup your project(s) files to your local machine.

  1. First log into cloudapps.
  2. Find your project, click on the code pod to expand it.
  3. Now click on the actual pod on the right.
  4. Copy the pod name in the upper left. Example: cupso-prod-346-vknxd.
  5. On your computer open your terminal or command prompt and enter in the following commands.

Example of commands entered for Mac's:

WordPress example:

oc login
oc rsync cupso-prod-346-vknxd:wp-content desktop/cupso-files

Drupal 7 example:

**FYI: Please make sure that you are already in the directory that you want these files to be in!

oc login
oc rsync eps-prod-10-xlgkw:sites/default/files .