The information technology department offers many services. Here are some of our most popular offerings.

  • Webinars and E-Learning Modules


    Webinars are the most popular format for online learning at the School of Government. You can rely on our instructional support staff to provide a high-quality learning experience with professional audiovisual support. Webinars allow for instructors and guest experts to present from remote locations and broadcast these presentations online in real-time. Participants can attend the webinar from any location with a computer and Internet access. A webinar provides a quick and convenient way to share time-sensitive information. An archived copy of the webinar can be viewed after the live event.

    Webinar Example: Interface Overview from SOG- ITD on Vimeo.

    E-Learning Modules

    E-Learning modules are self-paced, web-based instructional materials with which clients interact individually on a computer. Unlike webinars and classroom captures, e-learning modules are not merely recordings of live events. Instead, an e-learning module starts with a well-designed PowerPoint presentation, to which narration, interactive elements, and learning activities with feedback are added. E-learning modules will include custom graphics and a customized theme as well as quizzing of participants. E-learning modules reflect the professional look for which the School of Government is known. This option is ideal for more stable content or basic information or procedures that change little over time.

    Previews and Overviews of Module Projects:

    Example of Module and Module Quizzing:

  • Web Applications

    We provide a multitude of web-based services to the School of Government. Our services range in size from small microsites consisting of only a few pages to entire online communities with a multitude of features.


    A microsite provides a collection of pages grouped together with a simple navigation bar. The main page of a microsite functions as a landing page allowing easy access to the other content associated with that microsite. The topics a microsite is based on can vary, from specific information about the School of Government such as our giving microsite, to being a resource for state legislators.


    A tool can take many forms. The Child Welfare Case Compendium tool takes information that used to be stored in a word document and transforms that data into a searchable web-based system. Other tools, such as the Collateral Consequences Assessment Tool are complete websites. C-CAT lets users explore the complicated worlds of collateral consequences in an easy, mobile friendly online interface.


    We provide the technical support for all of the School of Government's blogs. We work with our clients to determine the needs of their blog, and provide a custom structure as needed. Two example blogs are Mike's Blog and Death and Taxes.


    NC Finance Connect is an example of a community site. This site's main goal was to replace the functionality of the NC Finance Connect listerv. Moving from an email based system to a complete website allowed for many additional features. This site features a forum, document repository, polls, and much more. Content from other sites is automatically linked and pulled in from across the SoG web presence.

  • Workshops

    Have you ever stacked LEGO blocks to develop a sitemap for your organization’s website, thrown a ball of yarn to discover professional connections or used glue sticks and paper to refine your content management system? The IT division will help you conceptualize and facilitate creative strategies for stewarding educational technology projects and organizational innovation. If you are conducting educational technology projects with multiple stakeholders and various interests, we can help you with stakeholder meetings, focus groups and design workshops that design thinking and serious play to collaboratively find solutions for wicked problems. We offer a wide repertoire of participatory development techniques and tools for orchestrating conflicting ideas, identifying singular needs and common goals, making productive use of diverse backgrounds and developing a shared vision.


    Course Design Workshop Series for Local Elected Leader Academy: Sample
    Focus Group with Superior Court Judges for ‘Benchbook’: Sample
    Website Redesign Workshop Series: Sample

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