Creating Calendar Events

To create a calendar entry in Outlook 2013:
  1. Open Outlook
  2. In the bottom left of the Outlook application, select the Calendar icon (circled in orange in the image below).
  3. Once your calendar is open, you can create an entry two ways:
    1. Find the date and timeslot during which you wish to schedule a meeting and double click the selected box (denoted by a green box below).
    2. Find the date and timeslot during which you wish to schedule a meeting, select it with a single left click on your mouse, and then select either "New Appointment" or "New Meeting" from the top left area of your Outlook application (denoted with red and purple boxes below).  Appointments are events such as doctor appointments, blocks of time during which you wish to research, or any other personal event that does not include other people.  Meetings are similar to appointments, differing in that they allow for inviting other people to the event.

outlook calendar

Once you have completed step 3a or 3b, a new window will open (screenshot below). This window will allow you to add Subject, Location, Start and End times, as well as change preferences like adding recurrences, Privatizing the event (if you click on the PRIVATE lock icon in the settings ribbon, this will make it so that only you can see the details of your event.  If the event is a MEETING, you will also have the option to add attendees by filling in their name in the "To" section.

outlook meeting window 

4. In this window, input your required details and select "Save & Close" from the top left of the window. 

5. If you are adding invitees to a meeting, it is recommended to view the "Scheduling Assistant" to see the free/busy time of other invitees.  Please note that if an invitee has mistakenly accepted a prior meeting as "FREE", that person will show as available during your requested meeting time.  If you wish to spee specific details about invitee's calendars, it is recommended to add their calendar to your "Shared Calendar" list from the side panel to the left of your calendar, which has more details than "available/not available", which are the only details the scheduling assistant has.

Outlook for Mac instructions coming soon.

Office 365 Web App instructions coming soon.