Importing Files for a Specific CloudApps Site

  1. Put your site's files (normally sourced from <docroot>/sites/default/files) in a folder somewhere on your PC that you know how to find in the console. The content of your files directory should be the ONLY thing in the folder!
  2. Open a terminal/bash window.
  3. Navigate to the folder where you put your files.
  4. Find your project in the CloudApps overview. Click on the circle for the code row for your project. This should be named something like ccat-prod.
  5. Take note of the pod name in the top left.
  6. In your terminal, ensure you are logged into CloudApps (oc login) and on the right project.
  7. Use the rsync tool to sync your files. The command will look like "oc rsync . <pod>:/opt/app-root/src/sites/default/files". For example, to put the files in the sites/default/files folder for the ccat site, the command would be: "oc rsync . ccat-prod-17-djmww:/opt/app-root/src/sites/default/files". Note that the pod name will change if the pod goes down - always check you are using the right pod.
    1. If you need to place files into a specific directory then the command above would look like this: "oc rsync . efc-prod-205-xmj8w:/opt/app-root/src/sites/default/files/AZRateSheets " or "oc rsync . <pod>:/opt/app-root/src/sites/default/files/<specific-directory>"
  8. Once the rsync finishes, the files directory will be ready to use.