Mac OS X Xerox MFD Printing Configuration (Bi-Directional Communication)

There is a Bi-Directional Communication setting that needs to be changed on Macs when printing to the Xerox MFDs (Multi-Function Device). There is no system-wide setting, it must be changed individually for each program, but once it is set for a program, it will remain set. Click any image to enlarge it. (Many thanks to Owen DuBose for the instructions and screenshots within this article!)

  1. Open the program, then open the Print menu (Command+P).
  2. Select the Xerox MFD, then click "Printing" at the bottom left corner.
  3. Click on the middle menu and select "Xerox Features"Xerox Features
  4. Select the menu beneath "Xerox Features" and select "Advanced."
  5. Select "Bi-Directional Communication" at the bottom, click "Off" and "OK."Bi-Directional Communication
  6. It is also suggested to make sure "Accounting" is set to "None." To do this, select "Accounting" above "Bi-Directional Communication," make sure "None" is selected, then click "OK."Accounting