MPA - Uploading a File and adding it to a page

  • First "login" to the site.
    Displays the employee login link at the bottom the MPA site.
  • Click the "upload a file" link which is in your left hand user navigation menu (this displays on all pages except for the homepage)
  • Hover over "Content" then click on the "Files" link.
    • Click the "Add File" button in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
      Displays the add new file page.
  • Or go to the following URL:
    Displays the add new file page.
    • Click the "choose file" button.
      Displays the add new file page.
    • "Search" for the file that you want to upload on your computer.
    • Now click the "upload file" button.
    • Click the "Next" button.
    • Now you have successfully uploaded your document.
    • Now click the "title of document" that you just uploaded.
    • Now click the "link" on the page that you were taken too.
    • Now click on the "URL" link within your browser.
    • Copy the "URL" at the top of your browser.
      • Mac Users: Command + C
      • Windows: CTRL + C
  • Now navigate to the page that you want this document to be added to with the following.
    • Now click on the "Content" option in the admin menu bar. Now you should be able to search for your content.
    • Once you have found your content click on the "title" or click the "edit" button off on the right side.
    • Or you can you can use the "search" option on the site if you now the content is published.
    • Click the "edit" button.
    • Now select where you want to add your link, and type what you want the link to say.
    • Now highlight what you just typed.
    • Now click on the chain icon.
    • Now paste your copied link into the "URL link" field.
    • Be sure to select the "target" of how you want this link be opened.
    • Now add a "title" to the link for users with accessibility needs.
    • Click the "insert" button.
  • Now click the "save" button at the bottom of the screen to save the updates that you have just made.