How to connect to the I, P, and S drives from your personal computer

To connect to your SOG servers files while working remotely you will have to do two things:

  1. Establish a VPN connection to campus
  2. Create mapped network drives to the server file locations (I, P, and S drives)

Establishing a VPN connection to campus

  1. If the Cisco VPN Client Software has not been installed and configured on your computer click here (link is external) first, else continue to next step.
  2. Launch the VPN Client by going to Start -> Programs -> Cisco VPN Client -> VPN Client
  3. Click on the UNCCampus entry and choose ‘Connect’ from the upper left. The connection may fail on the first attempt. Try again.
  4. You will be prompted for a username and password, log in using your ONYEN and ONYEN password.
  5. A message will pop up saying that a connection has been established, choose ‘Continue’.
  6. You are now connected to UNC-CH’s network, and can access SOG shared resources from your computer.

Connecting to SOG File Shares

  1. If you are working on your SOG computer you can open 'My Computer' and simply click the I:, P: and S: drives that are already mapped. If you are working or you personal computer, follow the direction below:
  2. Open ‘My Computer’ from your desktop or Start Menu
  3. Choose Tools -> Map a Network Drive. You will now see a window like the one at the bottom of the page.
  4. Use the information below:
  5. (For the first drive you map): Choose ‘Connect using a different user name’.
    • Enter the information below:
      • User:  AD\<username>
      • Password:  AD Login Password
  6. Choose ‘OK’ and Next. The drive should automatically open. Repeat steps 3-5 if you wish to map additional drives.


To recover files that have accidentally been deleted from the above listed drives, please view this article.